Masters Program

Unlimited rowing programs

Masters Program

Whether you rowed in high school or college or learned as an adult, we welcome all masters ready to step back into a shell. Those who join should be willing to commit to a consistent training schedule. You remember those 6:00am practices—the 5:00am alarms, the countless strokes, the erg workouts, the callused hands —well, they’re back. But by 7:30am, after stepping out of your boat with eight of your newest friends, you will experience that superhuman feeling and head out to conquer the world (and maybe eat a second breakfast).

Our Masters program meets several times per week, and takes rowing seriously enough to continually improve and compete, but not so seriously that we can’t have fun. We welcome rowers into our Masters Program throughout the year. Please take a look at the options below.

Previous Experience Requirements

Our programs are open to experienced adult rowers who have either rowed in college, high school, elite or other masters programs, or greatly developed their skills through learn-to-row sessions. These rowers are expected to have a solid understanding of basic rowing techniques and concepts, in addition to basic technical terminology. If you first need to refresh your technique, we advice you to take one of our Learn to Row or Learn to Scull or Advanced courses.

If you’re not sure if this program is for you, email us at and we’ll help determine the best course for you.


We aim to compete in local and regional regattas throughout the summer and fall seasons. Races and events are selected by coaches based on the competitive potential of the crew.  Attending regatta’s is optional with additional costs, if you signed up for the “unlimited rowing” program. 


March 16th – November15th

2-5 days/week

Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse
3579 Harlem River Drive
New York, NY 10034
map & directions

Weekly Schedule

Unlimited rowing:
– 8 months $199/month
– 3 months $249/month

– 5 pack $179
– 10 pack $299
– 25 pack $699


Are there showers and locker rooms at the boathouse?

There are showers and a small changing room with a limited number of wallet lockers. Feel free to change once you arrive at the boathouse. Please bring your own lock.

Can I leave personal belongings in the boathouse while I row?

We provide a limited number of wallet-sized lockers for our adult athletes, but there is no guarantee that one will be available during the busiest times of the day. As such, please limit what personal items you bring with you to the boathouse. Row New York is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please bring your own lock.

Where can I park?

Parking at the Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse is not advisable, however, there are some limited streets to find parking. Directions. (link to directions page)

Can I come for a guest row?

We do accept guest rowers, the fee is $30 per row and will be invoiced to the host rower.

Are racing costs included?

Masters are responsible for all race fees and associated travel costs.

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